June 11th 2011 Leicester, GB WindowsOn... was developed from the first Seahorse Creative Hullabaloo event held   in September 2010. The hugely successful art auction held on that occasion prompted   the manager of Sumo to enquire as to whether we knew of an artist that could fill the   window spaces in their courtyard area. After a couple of lively discussions the concept   for WindowsON… was conceived. Subsequently, artists and organisations were invited   to submit work for an exhibition that will last for one year.
Omar Mohamed Interview with Hugo Kaagman (18/June/2011)  Leicester's Sumo recently held a unique art exhibtion in aid of Multiple Sclerosis (MS.) The project, entitled "WindowsOn," not only saw a host of both amatuer and prominant Leicester-based artists, but also the influencial Dutch graffitti artist, Hugo Kaagman. For more information on the following thins,just click to follow the link: Hugo Kaagman; WindowsOn; MS Leicester.  My name in English: Hugo “Cakeman” Kaagman. I pronounce it Kaagman. I painted this mural right there, and all the blue paintings and t-shirts. So how did you get involved in WindowsOn? My wife is connected to one of the organizers, Mark and Gary, who organized this. They asked me would you like come over to do something. It’s a good opportunity to do something and it’s for a good cause. And where are you based at the moment? I’ve come from the Netherlands. I flew over especially for this. I fly back day after tomorrow. Wow! So have seen much of Leicester and it’s art scene? I’ve been working actually. I’ve been buying spray paints from the market, and I’ve been looking around. It’s a very nice market – very multicultural. That’s what I like. Amsterdam is also like that but here it’s more Indian and African than Amsterdam. Is Leicester what you expected? I did research. I make stencils that I spray- like Banksy- Sorry they’re calling me. *Talking to musician*Hey! I like you very much. A young generation of punks! Ok, I did research on images of the city, and I found a church that I liked very much. I chose a landmark and found the clock tower. First I cut it out. I liked it, I spent hours on it, and that’s fine. And then when I came here, I saw it was very small. I’m not disappointed but I thought well maybe it- Well I thought I was THE big Tower of Eiffel or something. *chuckling*But that was a mistake. Now that you’ve seen Leicester, are thinking of coming back in the near future? I hope so. Well they want to invite me next year. I did this to show what I do. I made this mural there, well it was not good. The preparation – I need to scratch the wall to make it good white and then put paint on it. Now it was just improvisation. Thank you for your time, and the artwork is lovely! Thank you!