1976 Happening "Vive les étudiants!" on the Dam square, Amsterdam as an enscenated situation.
VIVE LES ÉTUDIANTS ! This intended Happening started as a performance by hired demonstrators in 1976. Inspired by FLUXUS an advertisment was placed in cultural youth magazine Plug to hire people for f 25,- to demonstrate. These people were used to be activists. For 25 guilders - 11 Euro, at that time more than a train-ticket.  Because of the apathy at the University of Amsterdam, student  Kaagman left the place with a statement of art; a created situation, a strange protest: demonstrate for your self !!!! See to manipulate, ironic hype for the fucking student as a  loser, a doubter, a wijfelaar. What is demonstrating worth? 25 Dutch Florins, guilders guilders, gold. Buy Protest!
Kunst en sociale verandering, naar een nieuwe mentaliteit.  Hugo Kaagman 1976 Skriptie voor Sociologie, faculteit Sociale Geografie, Universiteit van Amsterdam.
VPRO   Het was 1977 reeds, met J.C. Breens, Gretchen Gestapo en Amarillo (dat ben ik dus a.h.w.) met de Avonturen van God, Olie Buma, de Achterneef van Willem de Ridder, Wim Noordhoek en de reincarnatie van Wim KoeCrandt en Rufus Sound System !