Mustafa Fileil Far-far Mustafa Fileil.17 years old. Born in Fez. Speaks Arabic, French, English, Berber and some German. Left school at 14. Callname: Far-Far. Mustafa alias Far-Far is al jaren gids in Bab Boujeloud. Hij lijkt op Cassius Clay. Hij heeft altijd het hoogste woord en is vaak aan het vechten. Regelmatig dreigde hij, dat ik Fes niet levend uit zou komen. --Why do they call you Far-Far? * Because when I was small I was behind my house and I look some little mouse and I told them "look, mouse mouse" and then they called me "Mouse Mouse", in arabic far far. --You had a fight in the cinema tonight? * People make me nervous, you know, they call me Far-Far too much. I don't like that. --You cannot get a job in Morocco? * Not very much. --What can you do? * I can fix cars --You live at Boujeloud? * No Boujeloud. In Kasbah Ennouar. --Why do you come to Boujeloud? * Cause here's business. --How much did you earn today? * 50 DH. --What did you do? * I take big group, you know, of French people, 50 people. --Where have you met them? * In Boujeloud. --They bought souvenirs? * No, they gave me one Dirham each. --How many times you have been in jail? * Never . --You have problem? * I want to get some information about Europe and I don't have a passport. I wanna go to have a job. I was student before. I live with my mother, my father is dead, you know. I want to go to America to visit everything.